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#Thenewchange: Fundraising in a post-COVID-19 world

Alongside our joint resource, ‘From Response to Recovery: Fundraising strategy and COVID-19’, Myles Bremner takes a look at what the new normal means for charities and fundraisers.

‘Opportunities abound in the face of adversity’

Alongside our joint resource, From Response to Recovery: Fundraising strategy and COVID-19, Arani Mylvaganam says in this blog that doing the right research now will shape informed strategy.

5 ways the coronavirus is changing the legacy market and what this means for charities

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, looks at how the coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on the legacy market and what the future holds for this type of fundraising.

A practical guide for charities working with agencies

What are the fundamental building blocks and key considerations that charities and agencies should be thinking about when agreeing and undertaking fundraising with the public?

A time for solidarity with and between fundraisers

As we introduce our package of support for fundraisers made redundant due to the impact of the pandemic, in this blog Peter Lewis says now is the time for solidarity among the fundraising profession.

Accepting, refusing and returning donations

Change Collective Brochure

Change Collective Report 2019: Who Isn't In the Room?

A report setting out a benchmark for equality, diversity and inclusion in the fundraising profession

Change Collective Strategy

Change Collective: An overview of the last year

A year after the launch of the Change Collective Strategy, Elizabeth Balgobin, Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Interim Head of EDI, gives an update of what has been achieved over the last year.

Change Collective: New series of recruitment guides for the fundraising community

A new series of recruitment guides for the fundraising community.

Charities call for boost to Gift Aid

The Chartered Institute joins coalition calling on the Government to temporarily increase the level of Gift Aid that can be claimed on donations amid pandemic fundraising shortfall.

Charities facing £12.4bn shortfall

New findings from the Chartered Institute on the impact of coronavirus on the charity sector.

Charity Benchmarks sector report 2019

Civil Society Futures

Collapse in charity provision looms

New findings from the Charity Sector Tracker published today by Pro Bono Economics, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Charity Finance Group.

Connecting people to causes

Consultation responses

Coronavirus: Advice for events fundraiser

THINK have shared guidance on how to approach fundraising activities against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak. Matt Smith looks at advice for event fundraisers and what they should consider.

Corporate fundraising